Thursday, July 12, 2007

Back to the Present with Courntey

My first photo session with Courtney.
Another new discovery of mine.

For me, Courtney is 'fashion'

laced with class and elegance.


Fashioneyes said...

ThIs GUy iS dOpE. bUt DAryL W DIsCoVeRd hIm???????????????

joseph bleu said...

Actually the chain of events are.

Andre brought him to Daryl W who was at VNY and he did not take him on board.

Daryl said to bring Courtney to me and i will develope his presentation and imagery.
I then presented him to Oscar G
and proclaimed
that he is a STAR!

Oscar then took the duties of representing him and booking him. And developing him!!
and the rest is History.

now, it is always a TEAM that creates momentum.

ANDRE the manager.
JOSEPH the photograhper.
and OSCAR the booker.
and DARYL. the linker


we are all proud of COURTYNEY!!!

Coutney is now at FUSION NYC with Oscar as his booker.