Tuesday, August 5, 2008


JD Ferguson posted on his Blog about RED MODELS. And I found it to be a very special entry.
It made me stop and think.
I realized that I was the FIRST photograher who shot nearly all of these guys who are 'STARS'.
George Brown and Dave Fothergill two of the bookers of RED have driven an amazing path in the NYC Agency Force. (They often make their own rules) I LOVE THAT!
Their passionate dedication and ingenuity is infectious.
And their frienships are truly ones that I cherish.
Like i say.. this is the special part of my job..
the MAGIC you see as a photographer right from the start and how it matures and then they continue to evolve and SHINE.
I Share with George and Dave an intimate PRIDE in each of these boys and their continued success.
I made a collage of some of my pics from their first photosessions...

this is their beginning

BLEU...stan,shaun,tyler,trent,marcus,salieu,dean,shawn,julius and dominique.
As quoted by J D Ferguson on his blog..

Red Models has done a bang-up job with scouting new talent lately, moving Red from below the radar to the forefront and establishing the small agency as a force to be reckoned with. This could not have been more evident to me than backstage where I not only came across their guys time and time again, but actually fell in love with a few. Their boys killed it at the shows and I'd say it's time to give credit where credit is due.
Stan Jouk and Shaun Haugh (of Jil Sander fame) were the first to put Red on the map, but I'd say Julius Beckers (my personal favorite and one of the season's breakout stars) has garnered the agency it's most recent recognition (and biggest coup as far as I'm concerned.) Emerging "It-Boy" Tyler Riggs, who you'll be seeing a lot of this Fall with Kate Moss, is certainly doing his part in increasing the agency's cache value. Throw this season's "must-have" Reid Prebenda in there (who though exclusive with Hugo Boss I still managed to shoot everywhere from Dior Homme to Calvin Klein) along with past fave Francesco Balestra (who I've ignorantly covered on the
V blog as Francisco) and I'd say you have the makings of a great board. And those are just the ones we know. They've got a whole slew of boys gaining speed over there. With Trent Kendrick, Chris Pulliam, Daniel Evans and Ferdi Sibbel leading the pack. Red has also become the go-to agency for the black model, with the exotic Dominique Hollington (who looked amazing at Givenchy) Marcus Lloyd, Salieu Jalloh, Shawn Sutton and Wendell Lissimore.And that's not all. There's this guy, Sascha Kooienga, who caught my eye in Milan. As well as a couple little hottie's no one's even seen, Claudio Iglesias and Dean Sibrizzi. Yes, I would say Red
Models has arrived. Well done guys!


MRFASHION09 said...

thats really great
u photographed some of my favs
such as marcus,salieu, and shawn
love ur work

Malinowski said...

Great montage of your work with Red! Great work, as always!

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