Monday, March 30, 2015

Touched by the Hand of God..

with  Chris Campanioni @BellaAgency
All these acts require the same act of self-immolation: Bare yourself, dissolve yourself. At the same time. And you have to be willing to do both. You have to be willing to recede into the ether at the very moment you reveal your soul.
words by Chris Campanionihe is a Model and Author..

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Like Any Character, You


Like Any Character, YOU
with  Chris Campanioni @BellaAgency
styling Monkey
haiJared Riccardi@MuseSalon

And here he was, so different from you but just enough of the same, so that you could identify his habits, attitudes, actions … his manias, even his perversions as your own. And it’s still the same, whether or not your eyes are closed. Whether or not you are looking right at me. 
words by Chris Campanionihe is a Model and Author..