Monday, June 8, 2009


Allow me to introduce a simply stunning new find.

This is Haley Curry. She is a new captivating beauty who I just shot.
Quote me on this
the new 'Trish Golf'

With Cameo placement.


CARY said...

You are right ... she's got it all!

donna said...

she is a very beautiful young lady she has much to offer this industry

Fletcher's Creative Designs, Inc. said...

The photos, especially the close-ups of her face, show an ethereal quality not usually found in new models. The title "Angle Dove" captures what is seen. She is a natural beauty, and the industry is all the richer for having discovered her!

Anonymous said...

I had to revisit "Angel Dove" and finally comment. I see this young beauty going far. Where has she been? The Retro shoot is amazing...I would love to see more shots.Any suggestions?

Debbie said...

Angel Dove is beautiful. We need to see more shots of this beautiful young lady.